Hi, I’m Eric.

I’m a happily married husband, father to some amazing kids, and software engineer, creating mostly web-related things for fun and for profit. I like to cook, scuba dive, and take moderately short walks on beaches.


Call me Snake.

Although Snake Plissken wears an eye patch better than I ever could, the name was gifted to me when I worked at a dev shop where another Eric was already employed. To avoid confusion, one of the graphic designers said, “You write Python, right? Like a snake? That’s it… your name is now Snake.”

The name stuck, and as Vonnegut said, “so it goes.” I still answer to Eric, though, as well as Dad, Sledge, Sleazerini, and Sohrab, depending on present company.


This site is made using the static site generator Hugo with a slightly modified Anatole theme.

Reach me via email to chat about whatever you’d like, check out some photos or videos I’ve taken, comb through some code I’ve written, read my resume to see where I’ve worked, or view my LinkedIn profile and connect if you’d like to talk tech.