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I saw this project that used DALL-E, a Google calendar, and an e-ink display that was really cool, so, inspired by this, I wrote a Python script that does the following every day:

Two images are generated from the same prompt: one portrait, one landscape. Each of these orientations return with revised prompts from DALL-E, which are saved. I put in some tomfoolery where if you view it on your phone and flip it sideways, you see the alternate image. On the desktop if you resize your screen you can see both as well.

Each day is archived, so you can travel back in time to see previous images until you hit Day Zero, which in this case, is November 25, 2023 (AICALART's official birthday).

If you're viewing it with your phone, swiping up on the screen will show the prompt for the respective image. You can hide it by swiping down. You can go back and forward in time by swiping left and right.

For keyboard users, you can hit the ? key to show the list of options:

  ?   Show/hide this message
  p   Show/hide the day's prompt
  ←   Go back one day
  →   Go forward one day
  k   Start/pause Ken Burns-ish effect
  q   Quit Ken Burns-ish effect

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