Can I Kayak?

Can I Kayak screenshot

I built this initially with Python/Flask, which worked great, but for hosting, it was much cheaper if I could re-write it in JavaScript as a static site, so I did. Python is my daily driver so it was a joy to develop initially, and when I re-wrote it in JavaScript, I had to figure out how to use fetch and deal with Promises, which is normally something I don’t have to concern myself with because requests is so easy to use.


Source (Python/Flask):
Source (JavaScript):


Icebreakers progressive web app screen shot

Icebreakers is a progressive web app that randomly picks a question out of a pool of around 700 questions (that I think I’ve mostly vetted to be considered “decent” questions). The neat thing about it being a PWA is it can be installed as a Chrome app (or saved to a home screen on a mobile phone) and it will still work offline.


Scuba Dive Signals

Scuba Dive Signals screen shot

Access a handy list of dive signals to safely communicate underwater while scuba diving. This contains a list of hand signals generally recognized by the Recreational Scuba Training Council and its member agencies (PADI, NAUI, SSI, and more).


Buoyancy Calc

Buoyancy Calc screen shot

Quickly find out the suggested weight you should add when scuba diving in different environments. Based on PADI’s Peak Performance Buoyancy basic weighting guideline. Enter your weight in pounds or kilograms, and additionally set the type of water, tank, and exposure suit to dial in a suggested amount of weight to help keep you neutrally buoyant.



Pindead screen shot

Searches for dead links in your Pinboard bookmarks and optionally deletes any that do not return a 200 OK from a request.



GitHubinator screen shot

A plugin for Sublime Text that allows the user to share code and collaborate with users on GitHub and Bitbucket repositories. This project has been installed over 20,000 times via Sublime Text’s Package Control system.


Edlo Programming Font

Edlo screen shot

Edlo is a modified version of Stephen G. Hartke’s Aurulent Sans, which I thought was beautiful, but hazardous for programming because the similarities between zeroes and ohs and ones and els were too close for comfort.

Edlo is the marriage of these edits and Mr. Hartke’s original vision. The zero now has a dot in the middle of it, and the lowercase el has its left leg chopped off, making all of these characters unique.


Lomax zsh theme

Lomax zsh theme screen shot

Clean, concise theme for zsh

  • shows current virtual environment in separated color syntax
  • shows git status as either clean (✓) or dirty (✗)
  • uses right-hand side prompt as timestamp